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Mass Notification Systems

Voice Speaker UTSAIt seems every day we hear about new tragic events that threaten the life and safety of others. The ability to communicate clear, concise emergency instructions and notification over a campus type setting has become a major concern of first responders, safety directors and emergency operation managers. This emerging technology is fast becoming a reality as Standards are established and Code documents written.

The UFC (Unified Facilities Criteria) 4-021-01 prepared by the Department of Defense, has been the design standard for Mass Notification Systems since 2002. NFPA 72 has adopted and changed over the years from the National Code to the National Fire Alarm and Signal Code and now has a chapter (Chapter 24) dedicated to Emergency Communications Systems. The latest revision of the International Fire Code has made changes to address voice alarm/emergency communication systems in select occupancies. The primary concept behind these standards is the ability to deliver the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time.

Another form of mass notification includes the use of exterior High Power Speaker Arrays to deliver situation specific messages to people in outside gathering areas. These speakers can be stand alone, networked together by radio, IP or fiber optic. These units also have the ability to interface with interior communication systems allowing the same message to be broadcast to more individuals.

The need to communicate the same emergency via pagers, email, text messages and computer blasts is available and can also be interfaced with the emergency communication system. With all of these layers now available, the information can now be delivered INSIDE, OUTSIDE or ON YOUR SIDE.

At FACS, we have experience with these technologies to provide any and all of these layers of protection based on your current and future needs. Our Design Team can help you sort out the details of the new addition of NFPA Chapter 24 code requirements and design and implement a cost effective solution.

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