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Fire Alarm Control Systems wins gamewell-FCI Presidents Award at the Annual Distributor Conference in October 2014. 

System Sensor Fire/CO Sensor

The System Sensor Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO (AMCF/CO) detector combines our award-winning fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors into a single addressable device for an attractive, functional, and cost-effective fire/CO detection solution.

With the AMCF/CO solution, you can consolidate multiple devices to require only a single footprint on the wall or ceiling.

The AMCF/CO includes the world-class fire detection and unsurpassed nuisance immunity of our Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire Detector. It combines these capabilities with the award-winning features of our CO1224T CO detector, such as RealTest®, the first field functional CO test fully compliant with NFPA 720: 2009.

The AMCF/CO works with our B200S intelligent sounder base to provide both Temp 3 and Temp 4 signals for fire and CO. The B200S can be synchronized with System Sensor AV devices and used as part of the evacuation signal.

With only one device to wire, which requires only one junction box and one address on the loop, the AMCF/CO provides significant savings on labor and materials.

CWSi Company Profile

In the 30 years that we have been manufacturing commercial wireless fire alarms, we have seen a lot of changes. In the 1980s we envisioned a way to duplicate a conventional, fully addressable, hardwired fire alarm system using wireless technology. The goal was to replicate functions and enhance capabilities which would put wireless technology on an equal platform with its conventional counterparts.

Emerging technologies have allowed us to produce various product lines to meet industry standards and approvals over the years. Although the first generation products appear antiquated today, they supported the field exploration of the wireless concept to bring us to today's CWSI product line.

CWSI understands the unique needs of property owners, architects, engineers, fire authorities and installation contractors in our industry. Our management, engineering and sales teams have been involved in the wireless fire alarm arena since it was merely a concept. To date we are the only fire alarm manufacturer that dedicates its efforts to strictly wireless fire alarm technology.

We have seen the multi-family housing industry, hoteliers, the industrial sector, educational facilities and recently even airports begin the transition to wireless fire alarm systems. We are proud to have played a part, bringing wireless fire alarm options to the 21st century throughout the United States, and abroad.

Our uncompromising commitment to excellence, our total dedication to professionalism, and our implementation of cutting edge technologies defines our mission.

The principles that formed our foundation over thirty years ago are the same ones we will continue to build on as we move forward. We look back with pride at all that we have accomplished. Even more, we look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead, serving our dealers, our clients, and our industry.


Scott Barrett